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1.7.2018 - Mikko Eskelinen and Juuso Puhakka collect 27 points of 32 possible from Suzuka - PRO-AM leaders are only two points ahead

In third racing weekend of Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia, which was driven in japanise circuit of Suzuka, Finns achieved their best-ever result as they collect two podium positions in both 50 minute events. On Saturday they were second fastest and on Sunday they collect their second victory of the season. Due excellent results, german Leipert Motorsport drivers Juuso Puhakka and Mikko Eskelinen are in second position in PRO-AM standings and only two points behind series leaders.

In previous rounds, which were driven in Malaysia and in Thailand, Finns accomplished three podium positions in four rounds. One of the podiums was their first-ever victory and due excellent performance, they're in third position in overall classifications, just 12 points behind the leader and seven points behind silver position drivers.

Earlier in June Juuso Puhakka had a superb visit in China as in circuit of Zhuhai he won two races in Pan Delta Super Racing Festival. Therefore to tricky Suzuka circuit Finns entered with very high hopes as their goals were set to reduce the gap and step up in standings.

Big drama in both races

In very hot and humid japanise conditions both Finns drove a superb performance in both events and avoided all drama which fellow competitors encountered. In qualifyings Juuso collect 3rd and Mikko 8th starting positions which was the basis for their success.

In Saturdays event Puhakka made a smooth and very fast stint and delivered the car to Mikko in same position. Then few moments later a fellow competitor hit the barrier and safety car came to circuit. When the race continued, PRO-AM Championship leader ran into trouble as fuel valve came loose and japanise drivers were forced to retire the race due complite engine failure. Eskelinen finished the event in PRO-AM second position, just three seconds slower than malaysian Prabakaran Kumar and his italian team mate Massimiliano Wiser who were running with a better competition strategy.

Silver podium position was very welcomed for Eskelinen and Puhakka. Also that they collect 12 Championship points more than their rivals were an excellent news for Leipert Motorsport team.

Victory in sixth round of the season

On next day Eskelinen started the race on 8th position in overall standings and after 22 intense racing minutes he delivered the car to Puhakka in 4th position of PRO-AM group. Because they made a perfect pitstop, they managed to step up right behind their rivals. Puhakka pushed hard and catched the top drivers when leader of PRO-AM group hit a barrier and safety car came into circuit. After 10 minutes of safety car the race continued and Puhakka passed his fellow rivals with a style and ran into the second victory of the season. In overall classifications Finns were 4th fastest.

- Our performance in this weekend was best so far and this is what we have to do also in next rounds if we want to win the Championship, Eskelinen tells and continues, - Both me and Juuso made good work for the whole weekend and result was even better than we expected so therefore I'm very happy because we've been on Podium in five of six events.

- I'm very impressed about the developement my co-driver Mikko Eskelinen made and also for my steady performance. Ofcourse the huge engine fire and retirement our rivals experienced helpt a lot for us to gain second position in official standings but then again this is motorsport. However this weekend showed that when we're able to drive in our own level, we have all possibilities for the title, Puhakka tells.

German Leipert Motorsport team also collect another victory as team mates, australian Ben Gersekowski and danish Frederik Schandorff collect highest position in 1st race. Then in next race they suffered pitlane drive-thru penalty because of speeding in pitlane and dropped inth 4th position. Next round of Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia is to be driven in japanise circuit of Fuji at the third weekend of July.

Final results Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia, Suzuka #1, sat 30.6.2018, PRO-AM -group, Top-3:
1. Prabakaran Kumar (MAS) & Massimiliano Wiser (ITA), 20 laps
2. Juuso Puhakka (FIN) & Mikko Eskelinen (FIN), +3,146sec
3. Akihiro Asai (JPN) & Evan Chen (TPE), +3,635sec
ret. Takeshi Matsumoto (JPN) & Toshiyuki Ochiai (JPN), engine fire

Final results Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia, Suzuka #2, su 1.7.2018, PRO-AM -luokka, Top-3:
1. Juuso Puhakka (FIN) & Mikko Eskelinen (FIN), 22 laps
2. Asahiro Asai (JPN) & Evan Chen (TPE), +0,479sec
3. Kang Ling (CHN) & Iban Bian (CHN), +4,234sec
4. Takeshi Matsumoto (JPN) & Toshiyuki Ochiai (JPN), +59,234sec

Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia 2018 UNOFFICIAL standings 6/12 rounds, PRO-AM -group, top-4:
1. Akihiro Asai (JPN) & Evan Chen (TPE), 68 points
2. Juuso Puhakka (FIN) & Mikko Eskelinen (FIN), 66 points
3. Takeshi Matsumoto (JPN) & Toshiyuki Ochiai (JPN), 60 points
4. Prabakaran Kumar (MAS), 46 points
5. Cedrcic Sbirrazzuoli (ITA), 30 points
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