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20.8.2017 - Mikko Eskelinen and Maxx Ebenal superb 2nd podium from japanise Lamborghini Super Trofeo Fuji - Fullfilled weekend of drama

Flying Finn Mikko Eskelinen is competing his 4th season in international Lamborghini Super Trofeo racing series. Now in season 2017 he's driving his first-ever season in ASIA championship series with canadian team mate Maxx Ebenal. In eight rounds they've collect six podium positions including 2nd PRO-AM position from eight round of the season which was driven in roots of Fuji volcano. In overall classifications Leipert Motorsport drivers are in 2nd position as there are still Chinese Shanghai and Italian Imola weekends to be driven.

In Saturdays' 7th round of the season Eskelinen and Ebenal suffered technical difficulties as the brake system of their car went out-of-order. However during the race Leipert Motorsport mechanics fixed the problem and duo were able to collect 4th highest PRO-AM Championship points.

In Sundays' 8th round of the season Ebenal entered the 50 minutes race from leading PRO-AM position. However drama entered the arena in first corner where japanise fellow competitor decided to win the whole event. He didn't brake in time and caused heavy collision and ruined the race of his and two other fellow competitors. Ebenal also experienced his heavy impact and dropped into 3rd PRO-AM position. However Maxx pushed medal to pedal and bought the car to drivers change in leading PRO-AM position.

Due first corner crash the event jury gave Stop and Go penalty to japanise team drivers and therefore they dropped to 3rd position in PRO-AM group. Saturdays' silver medal driver Carrie Schreiner experienced also a crash where she had a spin and puncture. These insidents dropped her and her team mate Richard Goddard out from podium.

In the middle of the second race Ebenal bought the car to Eskelinen who fought hard against professional racing driver and PRO-AM Championship leader Rik Breukers. However Eskelinen was forced to give up the fight due the damage his car suffered for steering in first corner collision. Still Flying Finn bought the car to chequerred flag as 2nd fastest in PRO-AM. This was 3rd time they had collect silver podium position during the season.

- When I saw how fellow japanise competitor had a thrilling attack and causing a heavy collision I was 110% sure that it was game over for us. Fortunately Maxx was able to continue his stint and making many excellent passess so that I could continue driving from leading PRO-AM position. However when I entered the car I immediately noticed that there is a problem in steering. Then a lap after another it came harder and harder to steer the car and I was forced to let Breukers pass me without a fight. Still podium and 2nd highest Championship points were very welcomed after Saturdays' technical problems, Eskelinen tells.

- In Championship standings after eight rounds dutch Rik Breukers and his team mate Nigel Farmer have increased their leadership now to 21 points. At the same time we were able to increase our 2nd position gap to 16 points for dutch Carrie Schreider and his australian team mate Richard Goddard. I'm very happy for this situation and looking forward to continue driving in fourth weekend of September at Formula 1 circuit of Shanghai, China, Eskelinen continues.

Both Fuji events were won, again, by japanise Kei Francesco Cozzolino and his malaysian team mate Afiq Yazid. As they have won six of eight rounds, they're leading PRO-series with big gap. Leipert Motorsport PRO-drivers, aussie Ben Gersekowski and british Rory Collingbourne were penalised by too short pit stop and false start. Also many other teams were penalised by jury.

Final results Lamborghini Super Trofeo ASIA, Fuji #1, sat 19.8.2017: PRO-AM -group, top-4:
1. Takeshi Matsumoto (JPN) & Toshiyaki Ochiai (JPN), 28 kierrosta
2. Richard Goddard (AUS) & Carrie Schreiner (DEU)
3. Rik Breukers (NED) & Nigel Farmer (HKG)
4. Mikko Eskelinen (FIN) & Maxx Ebenal (CAN)

Final results Lamborghini Super Trofeo ASIA, Fuji #2, sun 20.8.2017: PRO-AM -group, top-4:
1. Rik Breukers (NED) & Nigel Farmer (HKG), 29 kierrosta
2. Mikko Eskelinen (FIN) & Maxx Ebenal (CAN), +17,245sek
3. Takeshi Matsumoto (JPN) & Toshiyaki Ochiai (JPN), +59,235sek
4. Richard Goddard (AUS) & Carrie Schreiner (DEU), +1 kierros

Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia 2017 UNOFFICIAL standings, 8/12 rounds, PRO-AM-group, top-4:
1. Rik Breukers (NED) & Nigel Farmer (HKG), 97 points
2. Mikko Eskelinen (FIN) & Maxx Ebenal (CAN), 76 points
3. Richard Goddard (AUS) & Carrie Schreiner (DEU), 60 points
4. Takeshi Matsumoto (JPN) & Toshiyaki Ochiai, (JPN), 57 points

Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Asia 2017:
- 07.-09.04.2017 - Sepang, Malaysia
- 19.-21.05.2017 - Burinam, Thailand
- 23.-25.06.2017 - Suzuka, Japan
- 18.-20.08.2017 - Fuji, Japan
- 22.-24.09.2017 - Shanghai, China
- 16.-19.11.2017 - Imola, Italiy

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