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Luka Nurmi - Flying Finn Racing Driver

31.8.2020 - Luka Nurmi, age of 16, won season 2020 edition of Porsche Sprint Challenge NEZ racing series!

After four intense racing weekends and 11 rounds Flying Finn Luka Nurmi, age of 16, made a superb job in Porsche Sprint Challenge NEZ racing series as he collect 10/11 podiums which delivered him sweetest success off his career; New Champion has already started to focus for season 2021 as his target is to compete in international GT-series either in Europe or in Asia.

GTM Finland congratulates Luka Nurmi for becoming THE Champion!

28.2.2020 - Luka Nurmi and GTM Motorsport deepens their co-operation - In season 2021 Luka Nurmi to compete in international racing series?

In season 2020 Flying Finn Luka Nurmi, age of 15, drives for the title of Porsche Sprint Challenge NEZ-series as Relaa Racing Porsche Junior Driver. In season 2019 youngster won bronze medal with Porsche 997 car and for season 2020 he gets seated in more competitive 991.1 version car. Therefore his goals are set for only for the title.

Exactly a year ago Luka Nurmi and GTM Motorsport agreed a co-operation which aims to help Luka Nurmi to develope his career towards international racing series. In season 2019 GTM Motorsport introduced Luka to professional german Leipert Motorsport team and provided a two days test with 620bhp Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo EVO GT-car. Now in season 2020 Luka Nurmi and GTM Motorsport deepens their co-operation which aims for Luka Nurmi to step up into international racing arenas for season 2021.

- For season 2020 my goals are very clear as I'm seeking much more than bronze medal which I accomplished in season 2019. Also we have to defend Team Championship title which in season 2019 was won by our Relaa Racing team. For the season 2020 events I'll be focusing on getting more competition experience and develope my driving skills. We're also planning for more tests in european circuits so that I can be ready when season 2021 gets underway, Nurmi tells.

- A year ago I started my co-operation with GTM Motorsport and it has provided me exactly what I had wanted from it. I've had a good introduction for european professional teams in tests and in the events. Furthermore in October I had superb two days of test in GT-car which provided lots of data from my driving and how to develope it. GTM Motorsport owner Mikko Eskelinen has a genuine desire to help me and therefore I'm more than happy for the co-operation so far, Nurmi continues.

GTM Motorsport belies that in forthcoming season there will be many more young Finnish Racing drivers to compete in international racing series.

- In Formula-1 and in support series there are many Finns aiming for success as they're all developing their careers. There are also many Finnish GT-drivers entering to European, Asian and American series. GTM Motorsport has got many contacts especially from young drivers from Karting series as they're seeking options for forthcoming seasons. GTM Motorsport is more than happy to help them as we've shared our know-how and contacts so that Finns can continue taking steps towards international arenas, GTM Motorsport owner Mikko Eskelinen tells.

- Two seasons ago GTM Motorsport was helping Juuso Puhakka to enter into GT-cars. In season 2018 he won Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asian PRO-AM title and in season 2019 he was second fastest in Asian PRO-series. Now we're waiting news for his season 2020 plans as I'll be compiting with another Flying Finn Elias Niskanen in Asian PRO-AM series. Earlier in tests, which were held in October at circuit of Barcelona, Elias Niskanen and Luka Nurmi amazed with their speed and therefore start following their both careers, Eskelinen continues.

Season 2020 racing calendar
- 22.-23.05.2020 – Porsche Sports Cup Weekend Ahvenisto, Finland (3 starts)
- 06.-07.06.2020 – Finnish Racing Championship series Kymiring, Finland
- 26.-27.06.2020 – Porsche Sports Cup Weekend Pärnu, Estonia (3 starts)
- 07.-08.08.2020 – Porsche Sports Cup Weekend Kymiring, Finland (3 starts)
- 28.-30.08.2020 – Porsche Club Festival Finland, Alastaro (2 starts and team Championship)

Career highlights
- 2019: 3rd in Porsche Sprint Challenge NEZ
- 2019: 5th in RalliCross RX-Academy
- 2018: 2nd in Finnish Karting Championship series, OK
- 2017: 1st Karting Rookie driver of the year
- 2017: 2nd in Finnish Karting Championship series, OKj
- 2016: 3rd in Rotax MAX Challenge World Finals
- 2016: 3rd in Karting BNL-series, Rotax
- 2016: 2nd in Karting Rotax MAX Challenge Finland series

1.3.2019 - Luka Nurmi and GTM Motorsport in co-operation

In April 2019 Flying Finn Academy driver Luka Nurmi and multiple international racing Championship title winner Mikko Eskelinen has made an agreement that GTM Motorsport, which is owned by Mikko Eskelinen, makes possibility for Nurmi to start developing his international racing career for forthcoming seasons.

In season 2019 Luka Nurmi competes on gravel and on tarmac; In Rallycross he measures his skills in RX Academy with Set Promotion Renault Clio RS RX and in Circuit Racing he competes in Porsche Sprint Challenge NEZ series with Relaa Racing Porsche 997.

Luka Nurmi thinks that co-operation with GTM Motorsport is the best way to develope his career towards international racing arenas.

- As my long-term goals are set to compete in international racing events I need to have experience and knowledge which Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asian Champion Mikko Eskelinen is best person to give to me as for past 10 seasons he's been competing in European and in Asian circuits with GT-car. Therefore I expect a lot from this co-operation as it provides me many shortcuts, Nurmi tells.

Also Mikko Eskelinen knows that past co-operation between drivers has provided excellent results.

- In past seasons GTM Motorsport, together with german Leipert Motorsport, has organized several Try Out events where talented Finns have been able to show their skills. In season 2017 event Juuso Puhakka was in excellent pace as in season 2018 he was the first-ever Finn who has won Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asian Championship series. Luka has showed his skills in Karting and therefore I'm very pleased to sign an co-operation agreement with him as now we start planning his next steps after RX Academy and Porsche Sprint Challenge NEZ-series, Eskelinen continues.

Contact information
- email. info@lukanurmi.fi
- tel. +358 50 5723868 / Tino Nurmi
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