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Season 2009: Finnish GT3 Nordic Racing & Various Rallyes

Racing circuit
Botnia Race, Jurva
FRC Ahvenisto, Hämeenlinna
FRC Alastaro
FRC Pärnu, Viro
FRC Vauhtiajot, Seinäjoki
FRC Botniaring, Jurva
FRC Ahvenisto, Hämeenlinna
ADAC GT Masters, Germany
Paul Richard, France

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- ADAC GT Masters crash
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Season 2008 videos:
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- FIA ETCC Austria

15.3.2009 - Mikko Eskelinen with Lamborghini into GT3 Finnish Race Championship - First tests in England woke the Champion from winter sleep mode

Highslide JSFlying Finn Mikko Eskelinen drove his first title of Finnish Race Champion in his debut season at 2008. New season starts at May and Eskelinen heads for it with new challenges ahead of him and his GTM Motorsport Team. Eskelinen enters the Championship with true sports car, Lamborghini Gallardo.

In past weekend Eskelinen with his team manager Eero Räikkönen from PrintSport Racing and his main engineer Ville Uusitalo tested team's new race car in England. GTM Motorsport staff was very satisfied for the test.

– Italian stallion is definitely everything what its' reputation tells. Engine provides double times of horse power compared to BMW 320si and acceleration in starts aswell as in all gears is so wild that I cannot find the words for it. Scenery changes with over 300 kms/h. However in Finnish race tracks we don't have enough straight sections to reach it, told Eskelinen.

– Our brand new car is build a year ago and it's been driven only four successfull events in British GT-class. In Finnish Race Championship we aim to continue the car and the driver in same victorious way, team manager Eero Räikkönen continues.

Preparation for start of the season has already begun

Exatly a year ago GTM Motorsport and PrintSport Racing faced a complitely new challenge - Team supposed to success in Finnish Race Championship. The goal was complited in September as Eskelinen was crowned the Champion. Now Eskelinen and his team aims to walk same successful path behind the steering wheel of Lamborghini. Eskelinen wants to be a double Champion.

– A year ago we did almost everything right. It required lots of hard work from every team member during the races aswell as between them. In this season we're aiming to continue with same receipt and our goals are set for podiums, Eskelinen tells.

– We start test work for the forthcoming season immediately as soon as the snow melts so much that we can go to race track. When in the middle of May the Finnish Race season 2009 starts we aim to be ready for it. Our intentions are also in during the season to compete in few international rounds in Europe, Räikkönen continues.

Technical function of GTM Motorsport Lamborghini Gallardo is provided by PrintSport Racing which in previous season took care of GTM's BMW 320si car.

Finnish Race Championship calendar for season 2009:
- 16-17.05.2009 - Ahvenisto
- 13-14.06.2009 - Alastaro
- 27-28.06.2009 - Pärnu
- 25-26.07.2009 - Seinäjoki
- 08-09.08.2009 - Botniaring
- 05-06.09.2009 - Ahvenisto Final

18.4.2009 - Mikko Eskelinen in top speed - Finnish Race Champion drove circuit of Alastaro nearly three seconds faster than anyone else!

Highslide JS
Highslide JS
Tasaiset kierrosajat palkittiin lopulta epävirallisella rataennätyksellä
Reigning Finnish Race Champion mr. Mikko Eskelinen gave positive warning of his speed at second test session of season 2009 which were driven in Alastaro circuit. Eskelinen is preparing for Finnish Race Championship season start with Lamborghini Gallardo. His best lap time was 2,879 seconds faster than current record holder, mr. Indrek Sepp. As the record was made in unofficial circumstances Sepp still holds the record - at least for a while.

Eskelinen and his GTM Motorsport team is very satisfied for the progress they've made during the tests.

- Tests were very successful. My team learn new things about the car and I was able to drove lots of test kilometres. My speed was OK as I was able to beat current track record by several seconds, told Eskelinen.

- Lamborghini Gallardo possess lots os downforce. To utilize it and to continue driving with same top speed is not easy thing to do. However Champion Eskelinen once again proved that his speed is not coinsidence. Even our test day was prematurately ended due technical problem we're more than satisfied for the developement, continued race engineer mr. Eero Räikkönen.

GTM Motorsport continues for preparing into hot race summer by having new test session in forthcoming week at circuit of Botniaring.

17.5.2009 - Mikko Eskelinen took command in Finnish Race Championship series

Flying Finn Mikko Eskelinen is again in deep flames in Finnish Race Championship series. In this season Eskelinen drivers true sportscar, Lamborghini Gallardo and he opened the season by gaining second position in first start and victory in second start. Therefore reigning Finnish Race Champion had a flying start for the season as he leads the Championship by 12 points after two first races. There are still 10 races to go.

- Both of the races weren't just driving. In second start I had trouble with brakes which kept the car shaking and in first start we had major problems with tyre endurance, told serie leader after the races.

Highslide JSEskelinen was very satisfied after reviewing Championship standings.

- Podium positions in both two starts and top times in qualifying gives boost for my season start. My team GTM Motorsport made excellent work as our competition strategy and pit stops went accordingly our plans, shared Eskelinen the secrets of success.

- Now we celebrate this day and tomorrow we start focusing for third and fourth start which is going to be driven in the circuit of Alastaro. We have lots of homework to be done, especially for the tyre endurance we must found a solution, knows race engineer Eero Räikkönen.

Final results Finnish Race Championship event Ahvenisto, start 2/12:
1. Mikko Eskelinen Mikko, Lamborghini Gallardo 45:09
2. Jukka Ylitalo, Porsche 911 Cup, +27,892sec
3. Jari Nurminen, Ferrari F430, +1:12,472sec

Finnish Race Championship standings after 2/12 rounds, GT-3, top-3:
1) Mikko Eskelinen, Lamborghini Gallardo, 41 points
2) Petri Lappalainen, Porsche 911 Cup, 29 points
3) Jari Nurminen, Ferrari F430, 28 points

14.6.2009 - Finnish Race Championship series continues by the command of Mikko Eskelinen - Reigning Finnish Race Champion increased his lead in Alastaro event

Highslide JS Flying Finn race driver Mikko Eskelinen rules Finnish Race Championship GT3-group as he drove victory and second position in third and fourth round of the Championship series. Furthermore two fastest special stage times gave him valiable bonus points. Eskelinen leads the serie by 23 points as there are still eight races to be driven. Lamborghini Gallardo driver is definitely in flames as he's been able to collect 82 points from 90 points which are given for the drivers.

For Saturdays' event Eskelinen started from Pole Position. After a bad start and intense racing the Champion took silver position from the race which was won by Olli Haapalainen. In Sundays' race GTM Motorsport star driver started again from Pole Position and after colourful events Eskelinen finished the 60 minutes run with a victory. All team members were satisfied for the weekend.

– There were lots of moments when Pasi Lähteenmäki and his Dodge Viper 8,3 litre engine gave us trouble. I couldn't match for the speed which Lähteenmäki drove in straight sections but in curves I could pick up his lead. In Sunday I forced myself to pass him and therefore I was able to collect the victory. Also extra weights reduced our speed and we had to strugle a bit to match for the speed which our fellow competitors did on the circuit. Fortunately all results tells something else, told Eskelinen.

– After a hellowa competition we were able to collect very good championship points and in overall classifications we were able to increase my lead. Big regards goes to my team GTM Motorsport and especially for PrintSport Racing which has made me trouble-free events so far, Eskelinen continues.

Next round for Finnish Race Championship series is to be driven in final weekend of June in Estonian Pärnu.

Final results SM Alastaro sunday race:
1. Mikko Eskelinen, Lamborghini Gallardo, 1:17:291
2. Petri Mannila & Markus Palttaala, Porsche 911, +3,003sec
3. Pasi Lähteenmäki & Olli Haapalainen, Porsche 911, +10,992sec

28.6.2009 - Mikko Eskelinen had a perfect race weekend in Pärnu - Reighning Finnish Race Champion fastest in qualifying and in both races

Highslide JS Flying Finn Mikko Eskelinen drove two pole positions in qualifyings and two victories in third weekend if Finnish Race Championship serie which was driven in Estonian Pärnu circuit. Eskelinen with his Lamborghini Gallardo drove superb run and after Sundays second race he poured shampagne on highest podium position - fourth time in six events.

Sundays' race got a dramatic start when on pre-race lap fellow competitor and worst rival Petri Lappalainen suffered a transmission failure and was forced to retire the race before it was started. Eskelinen started the race from Pole Position and had an enourmous attack in first laps so that his rivals Markku Palttala and eight times rally Champion Sebastian Lindholm couldn't match his speed.

In both of weekends races Eskelinen lead the races from start to finish and left no questions who is controlling Finnish Race Championship - second year in a row. In second race before having a pit stop Eskelinen had grown his lead into 30 seconds gap. After the pitshop he just cruised for the victory which he gained by 20 seconds gap.

– A race weekend couldn't go better than we had this weekend and 50 points lead in the Championships is a very tasty and sweet thing. Right from the start of the second race I had a attack and was able to loose my fellow rivals. Then lap after lap I just enjoyed racing, Eskelinen tells.

– My GTM Motorsport team with PrintSport Racing has done excellent job with my Lamborghini Gallardo race car. Unlike our fellow competitors we haven't got any technical difficulties in first six rounds. However I must remember that the season is on its' half way and there are still lots of Championship points to be picked up. But still I think six events and six podium positions tells that my team has made its' homework well, Eskelinen continues.

Also GTM Motorsport race engineer mr. Eero Räikkönen was very satisfied.

– Opening half of the season has been very strong for Mikko Eskelinen and I to tell the truth we all are surprised how he has dominated the series. Even in wildest dreams we couldn't believe that 50 points gap in Championship standings would be possible on half way of the season. However we all must remember that the gap doesn't mean anything because the Championship is still open for nearly anyone. Members of GTM Motorsport cannot dream beach holidays because lots of homeworks to be done in short period of time, Räikkönen tells.

Rata SM unofficial GT3 Nordic standings after 6/12 rounds: Top-5:
1. Mikko Eskelinen, Lamborghini Gallardo, 127 points
2. Petri Lappalainen, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, 77 points
3. Pasi Lähteenmäki, Dodge Viper, 74 points
4. Jari Nurminen, Ferrari F430, 60 points
5. Erkka Suominen, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, 54 points

26.7.2009 - Mikko Eskelinen unstoppable in narrow Seinäjoki street circuit

Highslide JS Reigning Finnish Race Champion and current Championship leader, Flying Finn Mikko Eskelinen took nearly jackpot from fourth race weekend of Finnish Race Championship series. Like in previous events Eskelinen drove two pole positions in qualifying and took one victory and one third position from the races. This time Eskelinen and his GTM Motorsport team was forced to make full work for the points.

- In first race at Saturday and its' first corner my fellow rival gave a punch for my Lamborghini Gallardo. He hit rear side and the impact was so fierce that the back of my car was pretty badly damaged. For the rest of the event I was forced to concentrate to keep the car on the track and try to finish the event. With a twisting car in a narrow street circuit with 100 kg of extra weight I still managed to crumble towards Finish. Eventually my fight was rewarded with third highest Championship points, Eskelinen tells.

In service mechanics of GTM Motorsport worked hard to fix my car. After 8 hours of intense repair work everything was set for the Sundays' second start. Eskelinen started from pole position and after one hour of intense racing he celebrated his fifth overall victory. However a engine problem was nearly about to end his race.

- After 30 seconds pit stop the engine was overheated and started running with backup program. After few laps without maximum power my fellow rivals were able to reduce the gap. I thought the game was over but in a next second all power was returned to engine and I mastered the race, Eskelinen reported.

- I now lead the Championship series by 52 points. This lead comes handy when ninth and tenth race are to be driven in second weekend of August. After troublefull weekend this victory was very vital for me and my team. Therefore I would like to dedicate it to personnel of GTM Motorsport and PrintSport Racing. They have earned their juices, Eskelinen continued.

Final results Rata SM Seinäjoki, GT3 race at Sunday, top-3:
1. Mikko Eskelinen, Lamborghini Gallardo, 45:24
2. Petri Lappalainen, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, +5.184sec
3. Pasi Lähteenmäki Pasi & Olli Haapalainen, Dodge Viper, +46:29sec

Finnish Race Championship standings after 8/12 events: Top-5:
1. Mikko Eskelinen, Lamborghini Gallardo, 166 points
2. Petri Lappalainen, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, 114 points
3. Pasi Lähteenmäki, Dodge Viper, 97 points
4. Jari Nurminen, Ferrari F430, 86 points
5. Erkka Suominen, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, 76 points

9.8.2009 - Mikko Eskelinen suffered a engine failure in Botniaring - Championship battle got tighter

Highslide JS Reighning Finnish Race Champion Mikko Eskelinen suffered technical setback in pneultimate race weekend of Finnish Championship series. In qualifying Eskelinen took second and pole position but was forced to retire the ninth event of the season due engine failure.

After nightly service work Eskelinen finished the tenth round in second highest podium position. Due Saturday's engine failure and lost Championship points the Championship battle will be concluded in final rounds which are to be driven in first weekend of September.

– As a equilibrium for summer previous race weekends the two Botniaring rounds were very difficult for us. Complete engine failure was about to cause us a major catastrophe for Championship battle. However my stubborn team had another thoughts and drove 300kms Jyväskylä, pick up our spare engine, drove back and installed the engine up to sunshine. This was unbelievable performance from my background posse, Eskelinen tells.

– In Sunday our theme was to lead and win the event but I couldn't reach my goal due 100kg of extra weight. Valle Mäkelä drove his second race victory and I finished the event in second position. Ofcourse I could push for the victory but the risks for the second retirement of the season was way too huge. And because my title rival suffered also misfortune I decided to take second highest Championship points and get good position for the closure of the season, Eskelinen continued.

"We will rock in Ahvenisto circuit"

This time a year ago Eskelinen celebrated his first-ever title of Finnish Race Champion. Even after all hopes in this season history didn't repeat itself Eskelinen and his GTM Motorsport aren't worried about the statistics facts. Preparation for the final race weekend has already been started.

– It's a common fact that in motorsport anything can happen. This time it was our turn to face misfortune, but fortunately my team was able to minimize the damage done to my Championship race. Because due technical failure I wasn't able to secure my second Championship title, my team gained lots more will to fight in final two rounds. I strongly believe that in first weekend of September GTM Motorsport will return to highest podium position, Eskelinen thunders.

Final results Rata-SM Botniaring, sunday start:
1. Valle Mäkelä & Jukka Ylitalo, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, 46mins 10sec
2. Mikko Eskelinen, Lamborghini Gallardo, +28,245sec
3. Pasi Lähteenmäki & Sebastian Lindholm, Dodge Viper, +34,849sec

Finnish Race Championship GT3 unofficial standings after 10/12 rounds: Top-5:
1. Mikko Eskelinen, Lamborghini Gallardo 186 pistettä
2. Petri Lappalainen, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, 143 pistettä
3. Pasi Lähteenmäki, Dodge Viper, 126 pistettä
4. Jukka Ylitalo, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, 116 pistettä
5. Jari Nurminen, Ferrari F430, 103 pistettä

6.9.2009 - Mikko Eskelinen victorious again

Highslide JSFlying Finn Mikko Eskelinen sealed his second Finnish Race title in final race weekend of Finnish Race Championship series which was driven in legendary circuit of Ahvenisto. Eskelinen needed only two points for the title and was able to took those Championship points in qualifying. After two second fastest lap times Eskelinen and his GTM Motorsport team wore up Championship shirts and start celebrating the achievement.

After qualifying but before first race Eskelinen cheered for his title and shared thanks for his team aswell as for sponsors and partners. GTM Motorsport has got enourmous solidarity which can be notified from their slogan "No-one has a necessity to be here and I doesn't have to race here if I don't want to". As humour speeded up the motivation Eskelinen took his second-ever Finnish Race title.

– A year ago we celebrated the Championship in Super Touring and now in GT3. Two Championship titles in a row tells everything which I don't anymore have to tell you, told Eskelinen who is driving as a hobby among professional race drivers.

– In the first race I was long hanging behind the leader Valle Mäkelä. I eased up when I noticed that the tyres would't last to Finish with current speed. For the rest of the event I just enjoyed racing and didn't answer the attack which Markus Palttaala did. Without any fight I let him pass me, told Eskelinen who was happy for his third position.

After long celebration for the title and without any pressures Eskelinen started in second starting position for Sundays' race. However his race was over just few laps later due transmission failure.

- Just after few laps I lost first gear and few moments later second gear. Then I steered a side for not having a full destruction for the gearbox and continued enjoying for the title, Eskelinen told.

- For us season 2009 offered five victories, seven pole positions and 11 front row starting positions in 12 races. These readings tells perfectly how things went in Finnish Race Championship series. I'm very happy about it, Eskelinen continued.

Eskelinen knows who to thank for

Nowadays known as Double Finnish Race Champion Eskelinen gives lots of regards for his sponsors, partners aswel as for his team for a second dream come true.

- You all have given me two incredible seasons and being a big part of my name written into Finnish motorsport history. This result will definitely be remembered in old age, Eskelinen joys.

Final classifications for Finnish Race Championship series, GT3 after 12/12 events : Top-5:
1. Mikko Eskelinen, Lamborghini Gallardo, 203 points
2. Petri Lappalainen, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, 166 points
3. Jukka Ylitalo, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, 155 points
4. Pasi Lähteenmäki, Dodge Viper, 154 points
5. Jari Nurminen, Ferrari F430, 125 points

6.10.2009 - Mikko Eskelinen and Markus Palttala into final round of German ADAC GT Masters - Rivals now in co-operation

Highslide JS In third weekend of October Finnish Double Race Champion Mikko Eskelinen and one of the brightest and very experienced international race driver Markus Palttala enters final round of German ADAC GT Masters which is to be driven in circuit of Oschersleben.

Flying Finns measures their speed with Fisher Racing GT Ford in a very high level competition. An idea of co-operation was born during summer in Finnish Race Championship events.

– In this season my fellow rival Markus Palttala gave a good fight. Now we try co-operation as we drive the races fifty-fifty and see how it all goes. This is also an excellent closure for succesful racing season which gave me second in a row Finnish Race Championship title, Eskelinen tells.

– German ADAC GT Masters is very popular racing series in Europe. In final round there are a group of professional racing drivers against us with their Corvette, Ferrari, Porsche, Viper, Lamborghini, Ascar, BMW-Alpine, Ford and seven Audi. Our car is one of the fastest GT3 cars as in season 2008 teams title was won with the same model car, Palttala continues.

New track for Eskelinen

Two years ago Mikko Eskelinen made his debut in racing arenas. These two seasons have been very successful for him as he's driven two Finnish Racing Championship titles. A year ago Eskelinen made his international debut in FIA ETCC which was driven in Austria. For a moment he lead the race but suffered a major dissapointment due small driving mistake which caused him to have a spun. Now Eskelinen faces his second international event with best possible tutor. Palttala has been racing in Europe for 10 years. His first lession for Eskelinen is to have patience.

– Circuit of Oschersleben is complitely new for me and first time I'll meet the team and the car in first practice session. Before qualifying and two races me and Markus have just only two short practice sessions to introduce the car to us and find optimal setup, Eskelinen tells.

- Even a short preparation I strongly believe we'll make a team who're very competitive. If all goes well we'll be driving for podium positions. In Oschersleben there's Championship title in stake and therefore there's going to be lots of action. With patience we'll be avoiding mistakes and find ourselves in top positions, Palttala believes.

Oschersleben race of ADAC GT Masters is to be driven at October 16th-18th 2009. More information and results can be found at www.gtmasters.org

ADAC GT Masters television programs are also to be seen in DSF-satellite channel:

Saturday October 24th 2009
klo 17:30 - DSF - ADAC Masters Weekend - ADAC GT Masters Oschersleben

Saturday October 31st 2009
klo 10:15 - DSF - ADAC Masters Weekend - ADAC GT Masters Oschersleben

16.10.2009 - Autumn storm caught Markus Palttala and Mikko Eskelinen by surprise in German ADAC GT Masters - Race weekend was over due off

Highslide JSFlying Finn race drivers Markus Palttala and Mikko Eskelinen weekend in German ADAC GT Masters final weekend at Oschersleben circuit was end before it was well started. In first practice session Eskelinen, with Palttala as his tutor, started to learn new circuit, new car and new team in very demanding stormy conditions. In seventh lap Eskelinen suffered a spin and hit concrete wall. The impact was so fierce that team's Ford GT was damaged into unrepairable condition.

- I drove without any risks and got myself known to the circuit. However in one corner the rear wheel of my car hit a curve barrier and it caused rear side of my car to slide. In spin I hit concrete wall which caused severe damages for the car and the race weekend was over, told Eskelinen who was driving his second-ever Central European race.

- Where was lots of bad luck in the insident. If there would have been tyre wall instead concrete wall I would survived the insident with only minor damage but now we were forced to retire the event, dissapointed Eskelinen continued.

Palttala gave full support for Eskelinen.

- Conditions were more than challenging. Very cold weather and tarmac surface caused lack of grip and therefore no-driver in this world wouldn't stop the spin. Concrete wall always wins when a race car hits it and when reviewing the computer data Mikko did every driving movements right. However when there's no grip there's nothing to be done before it returns back, told Palttala who was also very sorry.

23.11.2009 - Mikko Eskelinen victorious in French Formula Le Mans winter serie round

Highslide JS Flying Finn and double Finnish Racing Champion Mikko Eskelinen showed his best performance in Formula Le Mans winter series first round which was driven in French circuit of Paul Richards.

Eskelinen and his danish team mate Christoffer Nygaard drove the event with Fisher Racing Ford GT. Scandinavian duo conquered the demanding conditions and were fastest in the main 60 minutes race aswell as in second 30 minutes sprint run. In first 30 minutes sprint race they were fourth fastest.

- The goals I set for race weekend were fullfilled as I was able to do trouble-free runs. I also gained lots of experience and as a nice bonus I was two times able to stand on the highest podium position to cheer up with famous motorsport wine, told Eskelinen.

- Circuit of Paul Richard was very demanding. Especially 260kms top speed gave me lots of enjoyment inside the cabin. It was very nice to see that the international co-operation between me, my danish team mate aswell as our german Fischer Racing worked perfectly and that my speed is also ok for European circuits, Champion continued.

First international victory for Eskelinen in European circuits was highly noticed. Especially 3rd position in overall classifications was sweet juice for Eskelinen as many of fast Le Mans group cars were left behind. Due success his plans for forthcoming season got stronger.

- Big regards for this success goes to Finnish Racing professionist Markus Palttala. With his help I've been in fast pace able to get myself into the teams routine and gained lots of international racing experiences for forthcoming season, Eskelinen thanks.

- Negotiations for GT3 European Championships are underway. The result I gained this weekend tells that I might not be starting from the back row for season 2010 events. On mental side at the moment I feel very strong and therefore I cannot wait how the negotiations turns out, double Finnish Racing Champion thinks.

15.12.2009 - Mikko Eskelinen had successful tests with BMW Alpina B6 GT3 in Algarve Portugal

Highslide JS Double Racing Finnish Champion Mikko Eskelinen has been very active since his second Championship title was secured in September. He's been testing and racing in European tracks and now he has concluded his season by having a test with BMW Alpina B6 GT3 car in Algarve Portugal.

In season 2010 Eskelinen seeks success in European racing circuits. With fast pace in Algarve he took control of his BMW Alpina B6 GT3 and made superb lap times.

Reighning Finnish Racing Champion was very satisfied for the result and continues negoating with all three racing teams he's been testing in final quarter of season 2010.

- I was very impressed how much BMW Alpina B6 GT3 has torque. Circuit of Algarve has lots of altitude variations and blind crests which were a bit difficult for me. However fastest lap times I made were all inside my target. Therefore the tests were very successful, Eskelinen tells.

- During this Autumn I've had tests with Audi, Ford and BMW. Now the negoatiations for forthcoming season truly starts as I wait for the offers from teams to come soon. Then the decision for racing in European Championships is to be made, Eskelinen continues.

"Success gives motivation"

During his short two years period of racing Eskelinen has won two Finnish Racing Championship titles. Now he wants to measure his speed in international racing arenas.

- Success in Finnish racing circuits has been a big motivator and big part on heading towards European Circuits. Naturally I wish the success to continue on forthcoming season and now I focus on choosing the winner car, Eskelinen plans.

- Leading Finnish racing magazine, Vauhdin Maailma ranked me to top positions in their annual raking lists. Leading driver in racing category is Kimi Räikkönen and I'm in close by. In their comments the magazine asked that what would my career be if I would have been 20 years younger? These kind of comments warms a lot my heart, enjoyed Eskelinen.

Decisions for participating to European Championship series are to be made in January 2010.
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